How We Choose Recommended Vendors

You can save money using cheap calling cards or VoIP phone service to call San Francisco, CA, but choosing a reputable company can be time consuming and confusing. There are many sketchy firms out there.

To help you chose a reputable, high quality company, we put considerable effort into identifying, evaluating, and recommending the best calling card and VoIP companies.

Our recommendations are based on a careful review of company products, call quality, and pricing, among other factors. We are confident that our recommended firms are among the top performers in their product categories.

For each type of company, we apply specific criteria and choose the vendors that seem to perform the best overall. Click below for additional information:

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How We Choose Recommended Calling Card Vendors

We have chosen a handful of recommended calling card companies after a careful review of dozens of providers. We believe these are among the best calling card companies in the market today.

In our in-depth analysis of calling card companies, we look for:

  • Low advertised per minute rates
  • Minimal extra fees & charges
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Variety of calling card options to meet different needs
  • Excellent features (e.g., pinless dialing)
  • Simple terms & conditions
  • Easy to use website
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Good call quality & reliability
  • Good company reputation

Because hidden fees, overstated minutes, and a general lack of pricing transparency are such a big problem in the calling card industry, we give extra weight to companies that clearly and fully disclose all phone card costs.

In addition, because visitors to our website come from many different countries, we have tried to suggest calling card companies that do business in many countries around the world. In practice that means that we look for companies with access numbers in many locations, have good rates across the board between different countries, and that will bill to addresses in many different countries.

Visit to learn more about international phone card rates, fees and features.

Click here for in-depth calling card reviews.

Recommended calling cards

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How We Choose Recommended VoIP Providers

VoIP internet calling offers very cheap international calling rates - and VoIP phone service is growing rapidly in popularity.

As a result, new VoIP phone services are popping up almost daily as new providers enter the business. Unfortunately, the VoIP business is a very tough one and many companies go out of business.

We don't want you to get stuck with a dead VoIP provider, so we have identified and screened many of the biggest companies to find you the best VoIP providers.

In recommending these VoIP phone services providers, we have looked for companies with:

  • Solid call quality
  • Low prices
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Excellent voice calling features (e.g., virtual numbers, voice mail, etc.)
  • Excellent value-added capabilities (e.g., video calls, instant messaging / chat)
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service
  • Easy to use website
  • Solid reputation
  • Demonstrated ability to stay in business

VoIP services come in many, many flavors, so we have tried to suggest a variety of firms that offer different types of VoIP capabilities.

As well, to meet the needs of our worldwide visitors, we have tried to suggest VoIP providers that do business in many countries. Unfortunately, some countries limit or prohibit usage of VoIP, so not all countries are covered equally well.

Recommended VoIP phone service

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